• Heidi Staples

Tiny Hazel Flower by Margaret O'Driscoll

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Tiny Hazel Flower


Margaret O'Driscoll lives in West Cork, Ireland and is a nature photographer and poet. Her work has been published worldwide.

Eco Statement: Trees are the Earth's lungs, their roots help hold our precious soil intact, trees host a huge array of wildlife, from animal to bird life, providing sustenance, shade, nesting nooks, perching space, roosting safety etc. Trees have provided mankind with food in bountiful fruits and nuts, provided homes, furniture, utensils, boats and ships, paper, rubber etc. Even when fallen trees rot they provide shelter to insects and nourish the soil for new life to emerge. Save our precious Earth, stop needless deforestation, protect our trees, plant more trees.

Process Statement: I enjoy observing nature, especially in unspoiled areas so I take my camera when I go on walks, in the hope of photographing something special that may catch my eye. It's particularly exciting to capture the more obscure details in nature such as the tiny Hazel flower in this photograph.